Forgiveness-The Acid Test

I just finished reading the classic book The Power of Your Subconscious Mindby Dr. Joseph Murphy. If you never heard of it I am not surprised-it was written in 1962! However 226 positive reviews (some life changing) can’t be wrong.

Lots of interesting stories and scientific facts. Some parts a bit too religious for my taste, but I was able to sift through and get what I needed out of the book. There was one section in particular that struck me on the power of forgiveness. Now, we all know how important it is to forgive. Ideally in life nobody does anything wrong to you (and vice versa) but in all likelihood they (or you) will. As is the case with many things, it is not what happens but how you handle it, and forgiveness it is no different.

I will spare you the forgiveness prayer he offers  (you can read the book-or contact me). However I  do want to share the most important part and quite frankly one of the biggest takeaways for me on forgiveness. Dr Murphy states:

“There is an acid test for gold. There is also an acid test for forgiveness. If I should tell you something wonderful about about someone who has wronged you, cheated you, or defrauded you, and you sizzled at hearing the good news about this person, the roots of hatred would still be in your subconscious mind playing havoc with you.

You may have memory of the hurt but you do not have the sting or hurt anymore.

This is the acid test of true forgiveness and you must meet it psychologically and spiritually or you will just be deceiving yourself and not practicing the true art of forgiveness.”

So use this acid test. It is a great away of being honest with yourself about who you have truly forgiven (or may still need to forgive). And like many things in life sometimes these things take time. But at least the game of self deception will be behind you.

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