Less is more

Imagine owning 15 things…that’s it. Scot Berkun interviews start up guru and minimalist Scott Hyde.

“The things you own, end up owning you” (from Chuck Palahniuk’s book/movie Fight Club)

The two concepts I enjoyed about this were the idea of minimalism. The concept that less is more. I am certainly not a minimalist, but do strive to streamline my life as much as possible.

The other point which I though was interesting was the concept of debt. We all know know debt is generally a bad thing. Hyde talks about  reading a post by Fred Wilson with the message of “when was the last time you didn’t spend any money in a day?” He then experimented from those thoughts and left his wallet at home to see how he would get by. Turns out everything he spent cash on was pure comfort goods, he states that he actually could go a week without spending cash besides on groceries. This experiment he said taught him one thing…”Debt kills dreams. Debt is cash, things and fear.”

Yes this is all extreme. I am trying to think about what my 15 things would be? Certainly deodorant, running shoes, my wedding ring, some underwear and a pair of jeans for starters. In all seriousness, I do think there are some valuable lessons here about creating some boundaries in our lives. The end results could make way for a happier, wealthier and certainly less cluttered life.

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