People Who I Appreciate...Seth Pariser

Upfront I do want to say this is Seth’s second appearance in my blog. Seth I hope it does not go to your head. But in all seriousness Seth is one of my closest friends…and has been for 23 plus years.  We went to college together, and he was my roomate in New York City until Mike Rosner came along and then ultimately the greatest roomate ever…Alison.

Seth is the epitomy of a passionate caring individual. That is who he is at work, at play, at home. He has many diverse interests. In some ways very much like me, in some ways very much not…I don’t do landscaping and interior design. However Seth is one of the greatest people on this planet. He is the kind of friend that could call me at 2am and I would jump out of bed and drive 1000 miles to help him. Thanks Seth for continuing to make my life better.

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