Spanish Lesson #1 Remember The Sabbath

I don’t mean to go all Ten Commandments on you, but ““Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” is alive and well in Spain.

That is to say they really understand the idea of a day of rest. And for those of who who’ve heard me talk about how stores close down midday or how the Spaniards take off the entire month of August, I’m not referring to that. I’m referring to the fact that most shops and restaurants close on Sunday and a traditional Sunday here is considered a day spent with your family, taking a nice walk and eating a nice long meal.

It occurred to me and Alison once we figured this out that it’s almost like observing the Sabbath (if we were more religious of course). Unplug, unwind, enjoy quality time with your family and also just quiet time with yourself.

Do you really need a whole day devoted to this every week, you might ask? Well, yes, having had no choice but to embrace it here I can say you do. It’s a gift actually. We all know we will be spending the day together and, frankly, it’s wonderful to walk around the neighborhood and see others doing the same.

Yes, our life in New York is busier times ten—more friends, more family, more extracurricular activities—but, really, there’s something to the idea of taking a day of rest. It’s good for body and spirt.

I’m surprised I didn’t see it before now.

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